Wellness Policy

Our mission is to serve humanity at large. We want to see a disease free world. We want to introduce 21st century concepts of Wellness to the society. We have a price for every service we offer but we don’t want to make it a hindrance in offering our services. Hence some of our services are under the Giftivism concept where you are given a choice to pay as per your capability and willingness. We welcome everyone.


This policy is applicable to the services of Mr. Yogesh Mathuria, the founder of Wellness Lounge. However, the policy may vary from expert to expert.


Our friend Udaybhai is an auto driver
in Ahmedabad. He stocks his auto with newspapers and sweets. He makes sure there is water to drink. He rides with
a lot of care and drops you precisely
to your destination. He offers his
service of driving an auto like a
seva and he offers his best service.
He gives you the option of paying
how much you like as he thinks
there cannot be a price tag for seva.


At Wellness Lounge, we feel that many
of the problems in the world are
because most of the acts that people
do are money centric. We also believe that each of us has a unique gift and we should offer our gift in the spirit of service to bring to the world a joy
of sharing.


This year we decided to do something different on Independence Day rather than the same old flag hoisting programme. This time we wanted
to express our gratitude to the public servants who actually work to make
our life easier and safer in the city
and yes work on public holidays too!!

In fact the day started off with a wonderful experience when we
thanked and hugged the watchman of
the mall where we had gathered after
he had very curtly turned us away
twice. The transformation that
happened in him and the loving
response he gave instilled us with
the will to take this forward. We
visited different police stations and chowkis and gave hand-made thank
you cards and chocolates with a hug
to all the police personnel. Their
heart-felt responses and the look on
their faces depicted the happiness
they felt at being acknowledged.
They were amused as well as heartened by the gesture which shows how thankless their jobs are!! When we
did the same for the personnel at the municipal cleaning office, the man
nearly had tears in his eyes and that really touched and humbled us. This simple act meant the world to him….it gave him a new meaning and a sense
of worth! When we went to the fire station and started thanking them, the happiness and humility shown by them was another surreal experience. In that moment their joy became our joy, their pride became our pride!

A small act of thanking made their day and am sure motivated them to be
their best at their work. The joy we
felt at spreading smiles was a special feeling that can probably never be matched in terms of quality! And thus
in the giving is hidden the receiving.
As it is said u need not do big things
to make an impact; small acts of
kindness have the potential to change the world And looking at the impact
that we had and the experience we shared we have decided to celebrate
our birthdays dedicated to many more similar acts and carry the tradition ahead.  


About fifteen years ago, three people decided to sit in silence for an hour,
in an everyday Silicon Valley living
room. No teachers or gurus. No set agendas or proposed beliefs either.
Just one strong principle -- when you change within, the world changes.
And instead of closing the door, they
left it open ... open to all. The rest,
as they say, is  history.

Awakin circle evenings are about
sharing. A typical evening starts with
an hour of silence. It is followed by a short reading of the weekly Awakin reading. This is followed by a circle
of sharing of the “aha” moments of everyday lives. It ends with a
vegetarian meal offered in silence.
There is no charge and no one is expected to bring anything. We trust
that people will "pay-it-forward"
to the world in their own ways.

We have weekend meditations at Wellness lounge and Awakin
circle sharing at the founder’s
residence every Friday. Please get
in touch with us for that.