In the hustle and bustle of a very busy city like Mumbai, Wellness Lounge is like an oasis of peace and happiness. We refer to our patients as “Wellness Travellers” as we consider wellness as an ongoing journey and everyone is welcome aboard towards a disease-free life. It is a very conscious space built with a lot of love and positive energy. If you are a wellness or a spiritual facilitator, if you are suffering from some disease or just hungry to grow as a human…..this place is for you.


  1. Latest audio video facility

  2. Free wireless internet

  3. Capacity to accommodate 15 people

  4. Fully air conditioned

  5. Knowledge Bank of over 2000 books and movies on Wellness and Spirituality

  6. Attached Kitchenette   

  7. Attached Bathroom


Located in the heart of the city, our consulting room is well-lit, well-
furnished and has the right vibrations for doing healing work. It is friendly and suitable for people of all age groups.


We offer latest in audio and video technology with all connections
tested in advance.


We offer a conscious catering service
to nourish your mind, body and soul.
Our hallmark is fresh, seasonal and
whole vegetarian food. We prefer baking, steaming and roasting
methods instead of frying. We use
a host of alternate ingredients and
healthy methods of cooking compared
to prevailing ones.

Solar water

We offer water energized by the sun in the events and workshops held at Wellness Lounge. It retains the minerals essential in water to nourish the body. It is one of best natural antibiotic in the world and it tastes good too !