Healthy Tiffins

There is so much confusion created over nutrition that it has become almost impossible for one to make efficient food choices. We can make your life easier by supplying a healthy tiffin that’s just right for you!


  1. We offer fresh, seasonal, whole vegetarian meal.

  2. It is completely oil free and dairy free.

  3. By principle we follow the one-grain policy which is ideal for health.

  4. We use OTGs instead of microwaves as microwaves destroy most of the nutrients in food.

  5. We use organic unpolished rice instead of white polished rice.

  6. We use rock salt instead of iodized salt.

  7. We use steamed cooking methods instead of pressure cooking methods

  8. Sugar-free instead of sugarless

  9. Snacks are baked, steamed or roasted, not fried.


We offer tiffin services to all the areas in Mumbai covered by the dabbawalla network.


We take bulk orders for conferences, workshops and events.