Yogesh Mathuria: Life and Wellness Coach

He is deeply committed to play the catalyst role in preventing and reversing health challenges to a state of complete Wellness through a holistic approach of healing the soul, mind and body.

But 30 years back was a very different story. Yogesh Mathuria ate, drank and slept IT. He has travelled to almost 25 countries in his IT profession tenure. His hectic schedules and frequent travelling made his lifestyle irregular, his food habits faulty and he was left with very little time for his family. He got obesity, diabetes and hypertension one after another. Just when he was barely managing his health condition, the sudden death of his wife due to Cancer was a turning point of his life.

In spite of having access to the best oncologists in the world and the required finance, he could not save his wife. This put him on a journey to understand the truth behind human Wellness. He read books, watched movies and met doctors, spiritual leaders, naturopaths, ayurvedic doctors and many people from other disciplines of alternate therapy and he came to a conclusion that health and happiness are a result of a balanced mind, optimum nutrition and regulated life.

He was on medicines for 9 years. He decided to apply his newly learnt formula to himself. He lost 21 kg in 5 years without any form of dieting. He reversed his obesity, diabetes, hypertension by 2011 and since then he is completely medicine free!

He believes that in these fast changing times, most of the health challenges are rooted in unresolved emotions like stress, anger, fear, wrong food habits and unregulated lifestyle. It is his firm conviction that if we want peace around us, first we need to find peace within us. Only when we find peace within ourselves we can move from illness to Wellness. This peace then resonates with our relations with the world at large.

He established World School of Happiness - WSH in 2010 to offer a host of Wellness services for Preventing and Reversing diseases. WSH has one of the best collections of Wellness books and DVDs in the city. Starting with awareness camps for corporate, children, women, individual, family and senior citizens, his next gradual step was, reversing lifestyle diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and thyroid the natural way.

In 2012, he established “Wellness Lounge” from where he is living his dream of offering various alternate healing modalities under one roof. He has a deep gratitude for his family, community and the world at large and wants to dedicate his life to service of humanity with his vision of gift of Wellness to Oneness.

He has inculcated the following practices in his daily life -


Our belief system plays a key role in our attitude towards healing ourselves. He reprogrammed his belief that diabetes is not always meant to exist for a lifetime. He worked very hard on affirming his mind with EFT and a couple of healing modalities. A strong faith and a
consistent effort helped him reverse diabetes completely.


Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine and our own Ayurveda recommend that “Thy food is thy medicine”. Following this principle,
he included a lot of fruits, salads, vegetable juices in his daily diet. He
has included lots of interesting healthy options for traditional cooking without oil and dairy in his daily meals. This change greatly helped in speeding up
the reversing process. He doesn’t believe in dieting; he believes in eating the right food at the right time!


He began to start his day early with yogasanas and pranayama as daily practices. Eating at a specific time
and many other small daily disciplines played a very important role in building
a strong immune system and helped

him live a medicine free life.