We are truly passionate about innovation in Wellness. We refuse to believe that path breaking technology is the only way to innovate. We feel our body has tremendous capacity to heal itself. It is our endeavour to challenge human creativity to get back to Wellness. We work with experts of more than 10 alternate therapies and we often conduct workshops for people to get an idea of those therapies so that they can understand it better and choose accordingly.


Awakening The Hara Consciousness

Dr. Yugandhar is an awakened one on the path of spiritual mastery, a visionary and also a Pioneer in Transformational Medicine. He is trained as a General Surgeon in the Conventional System of Medicine. Dr. Yugandhar is the Founder of The World United and Board Member of TWUDHA – The World United- Doctors and Healers Association.

Benefits of this Workshop

  1. Heal all Physical & Emotional Maladies

  2. Deepen the Connectedness with the Higher Self

  3. Enhance the Intuitive Abilities

  4. Destroy Stress; Strain forever

  5. Attract what you really seek in life

  6. Uproot the deep-seated fears governing the personal growth

  7. Transform all the disease & suffering into a self-realising phenomenon

  8. Come out of where you are struck emotionally and spiritually

  9. Erase the self-devastating habitual patterns

  10. Get attracted to right people and right situations in life

  11. Develops a Consciousness of Insightful Living

Details :

Day  : Sunday

Date : 20th Oct 2013
Time : 7.30am – 9.30 am
Venue : Mumbai


Story Telling For Kids by Nehal Parekh

Details :

Day  : Sunday

Date : 10th Nov 2013
Time : 11.00am – 1.00 pm


Dr. Rangana's "The Journey" program.

Benefits of this Workshop

  1. You Strip away years of emotional and physical blocks

  2. You release specific cell memories and experience cellular healing

  3. You benefit from the power of being with likeminded people

  4. You receive profound emotional and spiritual support

Details :

Intervention : 3 days

Venue : Delhi

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November 2013

Venue : Mumbai

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th November 2013

Venue : Bangalore

Friday 13th to Sunday 15th December 2013

Grapho- Empowerment

Details :

Day  : Sunday

Date : 27th Oct 2013
Time :11.00am – 1.00 pm

Coming soon

Free Talk on Cellular Healing with The Journey

The Journey is a method of cellular healing developed by international bestselling author Brandon Bays. She pioneered the revolutionary healing method to heal herself from football-sized tumors.


Details :

Venue  : Bangalore

Day     : Thursday

Date    : 7th November 2013

Timing : 6pm - 8pm


Venue  : Mumbai

Day     : Saturday

Date    : 9th November 2013

Timing : 2pm - 5pm


Venue  : Delhi

Day     : Sunday

Date    : 10th November 2013

Timing : 3pm - 6pm