Community Services

Yogesh Mathuria, the founder of Wellness Lounge has travelled all over the world to bring to you the best knowledge in Wellness. We are very happy to share our precious collection of over 2000 books, movies and documentaries on Wellness.

You can also gift a Knowledge bank membership to your child, colleague, friend or anyone whom you think can benefit from these services and let them open a box of magic and let them see the world with a completely different perspective.

We want to share this treasure house of knowledge we have gathered over the years through our community services.


We want people to understand that our Wellness is in our hands. If we take
the trouble to listen to our own mind
and body it will guide us to do what
is right for our system. We recommend meditation as the best tool for dealing with stress, anxiety, fear and any other psychological issues. We would be
very happy if you can join us on weekends for our free meditation sessions.

Every Saturday 




 7.00 pm

Every Sunday  




11:00 am


Stories touch our souls. We believe
that transformation takes place at
soul level and thus we want to share some inspiring stories to support you
on your wellness journey. We showcase the best of spiritual cinema circle.
We have some eye- opening documentaries on the medical profession. Some revolutionary documentaries on education,
wellness and healthcare to help
you visualize a better life for yourself and the world you live in!

Every Saturday : 4:00 – 6:00 pm


We want to encourage a dialogue about our revolutionary approach to Wellness. It is an open forum to discuss wellness. We want to share our views and listen
to yours.

Every Wednesday : 11:00 am – 1:00 pm