Our Vision

Wellness to Oneness

Our Mission

To touch the hearts of 1 Million Lives with the message of Wellness to Oneness by the year 2020

Our Peace Pilgrimage initiative

With our Peace Pilgrimages, we want to bring awareness in people about how to heal ourselves, our families, our societies, our country and our world at large.

Can we imagine a world living without the fear of war? We are even scared to imagine!

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says “In order to float an idea into your reality, you must be willing to do a somersault into the inconceivable and land on your feet, contemplating on what you want instead of what you don’t want”

Can we can create a world without the fear of war, we can create possibilities like below

We could then have
Doctors for Reactive to Proactive Wellness
Police for Reformation instead of Punishment
Educators who allow Experience not just Instruct